R&D Service

UCHEMI has an experienced R&D team with proficient skills and high-efficiency output, capable of providing customers with technical support and services in the development of new products and process improvements; R&D and process improvements in these years We have come into contact with thousands of compounds of various structures, especially in the field of heterocyclic compounds. We have accumulated many years of experience. We are good at synthesizing and processing various heterocyclic compounds; we have rich research and development and scale-up production for various basic unit reactions. Experience, continuous development and accumulation of product series and related varieties. We are committed to providing customized and processing services for various specialty chemicals and related products for customers in the global pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

R&D Service



Led by a professional chemistry doctoral tutor, efficient R&D mechanism


Custom route

Focus on professional services in the field of CRO/CMO/CDMO

Precision instrument

Equipped with precision chemical instruments to meet various test requirements


Efficient output

Dozens of new products in pilot and scale-up production are added every year, and in these years, we have helped customers to advance multiple products to the second and third phases of clinical and commercialization to provide fast and continuously optimized customized services.


Focus on providing products in the CMO/CDMO field, and try our best to meet the needs of customers for custom synthesis.

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